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Creating a beautiful home that excites and delights your clients isn’t always easy.

The Urban Tech Design Team have extensive experience at a national level in meeting the desires and aspirations of your clients, while appreciating the challenges that come with bringing your new home product to market.

Taking into account latest trends, classic favourites and the simple practicalities that should be embedded into every new home design, we’ll work with you to create a one-off custom concept or the flagship home in a range of residential products you’re planning.

Sometimes you need to look beyond your normal situations to add fresh, new or bold designs to your home range.

-Ian, UTD

We partner with a range of builders and construction professionals to design and conceptualise beautiful homes that integrate seamlessly with existing home ranges or develop new styles for your building company, and can help with a range of services including:

  • 3D rendering of homes
  • Building design for single or volume building projects
  • Custom home floor plans for bespoke builds
  • Site planning for great building outcomes
  • Carefully crafted marketing designs for your residential project that will appeal and attract clients

With the intelligent use of space, light, products, textures and materials, we’ll help you articulate your conceptual ideas and streamline the building process and costs. We specialise in concept design, town planning, working drawings and quality control checking so will assist you to integrate your home design seamlessly into the planning, design and build process.

Each of our designs are created to be visually appealing, while highlighting the practical and functional aspects of a home, all adding to the profitability of your building project. Our experienced team will step through the process with you, viewing and reviewing every element to create a perfectly crafted home that will remain a popular choice for new home owners or investors.

We welcome you to view our website, explore our previous projects or to give us a call to discuss how we can help create a residential design product that your clients will love.

Urban Tech Design

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