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A custom home for me?

I’ve seen it so many times before, the calling of a brand-new home starts as a soft whisper in the back of your mind, the more you watch TV shows about renovating and building the whisper becomes louder and louder. Its not long before the desire to have that shiny new abode becomes a focus that distracts you from your normal day to day happenings, the soft whisper has become a consistent noise from which you get no escape.

Then it all starts, trolling through web site after web site, weekends set aside for display home visits searching for the needle in the haystack, the home that has everything you need, want and desire – for the price you can afford. It doesn’t take long for all the designs to start merging in your head, the struggle to remember what you liked or didn’t like about each home and each builder becomes impossible and about now the stress will set in.

The unfortunate fact about display homes is they have not been designed with you in mind, nobody asked what you want, how you live, what the future might hold for you and your family. Therefore, finding the perfect home might not be that simple. Compromises might need to be made. Additionally, you will need to find somewhere to build this dream home and it just so happens all blocks of land aren’t equal, orientation, fall, driveway location, views etc all play a huge part.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of amazing display homes out there that look fantastic and offer a myriad of lifestyle options (I’ve designed lots of them in the past) but its worth considering your own situation. Is it possible that a custom designed home might be a better fit for you? Cleverly designed homes can factor in specific lifestyle preferences, space requirements and land attributes which can greatly increase your comfort and maybe even allow your home to look a little bit different to your neighbor's house. Its true that you still might need to make some compromises when heading down this path but the compromises you make are in your control. For instance, if space is an issue, a full-sized study might become a study nook, a Media Room might also be the Lounge Room and so on.

If you decide to investigate going “Custom” ensure you find a designer you are comfortable with, some designers forget that the client is the one paying for the home and in the end will be living in it. Also make sure everything is clear from the beginning including what is being provided, the fees you need to pay, time frames

and even clarify how changes are dealt with, how many times you can make changes and what additional fees are charged because of changes. Remember that your designer needs to make a living so its important to respect that they do need to be paid for their time.

Finally, and most important enjoy the journey!


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