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Building a new home? What you're getting V's What you thought you were getting!

Having spent many years working for a large residential builder I’ve literally seen thousands of clients. Generally happy customers that are enjoying the entire process of the building journey. Unfortunately, sometimes things go a little bit pear shaped along the way and the excitement of the build is overshadowed by the stress of something going wrong. No builder, customer or even employee of the building company ever want to see things turn sour but it does happen from time to time. When you consider the process involved in designing the home, selecting the fixtures, fittings and colours, notating all of this, producing contracts, building permits and just the shear number of individual items that go into building the homes it starts to make sense that something might get done wrong or be missed. It’s not an excuse…. it’s just a fact.

Couple this with the fact that most people really don’t understand how to read building plans and why should they? I don’t know how to fix the engine in my car, but my mechanic does and likewise I can’t build a rocket ship…. NASA can. So, if you’re not trained in reading plans or have never had to do it before why should it make sense?

So how would you be able to pick up mistakes? How would you know if everything you have requested is included on your plans? You just have to trust the builder and hope they have this all covered and everything is fine. Then you head on down the construction path only to realise later that your Dishwasher won’t fit within the space allocated or no consideration has been given to fact you can see into the toilet from the front door. You might mention these items to the builder or site supervisor, but the response will be “Sorry…. it’s as per plan!”. At this point it’s too late.

Urban Tech Design offer a pre-contract Drawing and Design Assessment Service which is a thorough review of the Working Drawings against the contract Inclusions as well as a Design Review. The Drawing Assessment lists items that the assessor considers incorrect, unclear, missing or questionable and the Design Assessment lists items for consideration related specifically to the floor plan and elevations. The checks are what you might call a back-up for the client, the ability to sign contracts with a little more clarity on what it is they are getting.

If you’re planning to build soon or somebody you know is, maybe its worth considering getting the Pre-Contract Drawing and Design Assessment done…….


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